Freitag, 17. Dezember 2004

I've got an A for the paper about the demo scene which I wrote for the Technical English course (see section 'Hugi Diskmag'). I've also got an A for the practical course on otorhinolaryngology, but I guess that course wasn't quite what one could call demanding. ;)

I've bumped into the website of a Northern Irish university professor named Richard Lynn. He published a paper on the IQs in various countries. The evidence is quite shocking: Intelligence is anything but equally distributed. Moreover, there's a significant correlation of about 0.7 between the national IQ and the per capita GNP 1998. UK was assumed to have an average IQ of 100. There are only a few countries better than the UK, including Austria and Germany (102 each), Switzerland (101), Sweden (101), Netherlands (102), Italy (102), Taiwan (104), Korea (106) and Hong Kong (107). China has 100, the USA has 98, Russia has 96. Arab and Latin American countries score between 80 and 90. But the worst countries are African countries with a Black majority population. The country with the lowest average IQ is Equatorial Guinea, which has an average IQ of 59. That means that about three quarters of the population are below the IQ 70 margin, i.e. are mentally retarded! It's surprising that such a country can even exist. According to the CIA World Factbook, "The discovery and exploitation of large oil reserves have contributed to dramatic economic growth in recent years. Forestry, farming, and fishing are also major components of GDP. Subsistence farming predominates." "Despite the country's economic windfall from oil production resulting in a massive increase in government revenue in recent years, there have been few improvements in the country's living standards." "A number of aid programs sponsored by the World Bank and the IMF have been cut off since 1993 because of corruption and mismanagement."

My conclusion: If the population is dumb, not even 'black gold' will increase the living standard. What practical implications does this have? Such nations could only prosper if their population was replaced by another one... But what sense would this have? After all, population is what defines a nation. - Every nation gets what it deserves.

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