Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2004

I've written something I called "A Peculiar Text". It's a text in a fictional language of mine whose grammar and vocabulary yet have to be devised; and yet I've tried to translate that text to German, inventing the meanings of some of the words and some grammatical rules during the translation process. In the end, I tried to interpret the text. I found all of this so interesting that I decided to upload this to my homepage; and I've also added a German text on linguistics and constructing new languages I wrote several years ago as a kind of introduction. Finally, my text "Ein Mann rasieren sich (Version in deutsch von zukunft)" seemed to be appropriate as well. Enjoy reading!

I've participated a lot in a debate about the medical curriculum, medical students and exams at and I've made many people agree with my views.

I've done the test at again and this time I got:

E+6 N+12 T+18 J+6

Compare it with last time's results:

E+2 N+8 T+14 J+8

So it's the same type but slightly different values for the individual components. The tendency to extroversion is now clearer - last time this preference was weak. That's certainly due to my having realized that I'm really extroverted, which I used to doubt, because I wrongly interpreted other people's statements that my "skills at handling people" were "not so good". (It's rather that I don't have much empathy for others and sometimes act in a harsh and arrogant manner.)

I did the test right after checking out the description of the ENTP type at, which appeared to me as being more likeable than the ENTJ type which I am according to this test. As a matter of fact I only got J+6 this time instead of J+8 like last time, but that's not too significant a change. However, I've noticed that I'm often not sure what to answer to questions which are about P/J and then choose the J option for rational reasons.

N and T are even stronger than last time - as a matter of fact I'm definitely NT; I had already been aware of that even before I got to know that test. Compared to N and T, I score rather weak for E and J, so I'm probably not a total ENTJ type (who is anyway?) but also have some traits of the other three Rational types.

Apart from that, I guess I should see to it to socialize more soon; the last time I was around with other people except in lectures and trains was at the meeting of the Austrian high intelligence society on Saturday. It's getting a bit boring being just alone, it seems like I'm somehow running out of inspiration.

By the way, I've stumbled over the website of Gerhard Zlabinger aka GeZ, a former classmate of mine in high school years 1 to 4. He then left for a computer science school. The study-year 2003/2004 he spent in Derby (England) for his Bachelor degree. He has kept up his particular, good sense of humour so if you understand German and are interesting in some funny things, check out to see if this type of humour is enjoyable for you.

A discussion at the internal discussion board of the Austrian high intelligence society inspired me to enter my data at, and I was completely surprised to see my "personality horoscope" for I used to believe that astrology is nonsense. Translation from German: "With Sun in Libra and Moon in Scorpio you are clever and shrewd. You tend to be aggressive, arrogant and sarcastic. If somebody hurts your feelings, you will take revenge. You love being outstanding with your successes, which, however, does not have a good effect upon your popularity. With your independent will you solve your problems on your own." But the rest of the text doesn't match me as accurately. Maybe it's because I did not know the exact time at which I was born and only entered the hour. ;-)

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