Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2004

Since last Monday I've been at the department of laboratory medicine of the Vienna General Hospital, where I'm doing yet another Famulatur. They're working a lot with computers there; as a matter of fact, at some sub-departments all the doctors are doing is checking the values the computers display and deciding whether to release them or whether to request another blood sample from the station. The programs are new - they've been in use for about six months - and good, but there's still room for improvement . So obviously medical informatics has some future.

Since I'm also studying computer science, I was also let into the EDP department, where I was warmly welcomed by the people working there. They showed me how the current system works, what they do every day and what hardware the old, previously used system required (it will be disposed of soon and the space will be used for the labs that are currently located in another building). Three medical-technical assistants (MTAs) who taught themselves how to handle computers and administer networks and an autodidact programmer are working at that department. If I remember right, they're employees of the department and do not belong to the university's computer science service staff. I spotted an interesting book on ASP.NET in the small-but-fine library of the EDP department and ate it at once (metaphorically speaking, of course). It contains introductionary courses to ASP.NET, VB.NET and C#. It also seems to contain knowledge for advanced programmers. Well, I read the beginning and the complete part about C#. ASP.NET seems to be pretty cool. Now I can also call myself a C# programmer - I just lack practical experiences with it. :)

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