Libertarianism in Austria

Austria is the root of the Austrian School of Economics. But today's Austria is quite different from the Austria Carl Menger, Eugen Böhm von Bawerk and Ludwig von Mises lived in. Today, Austria is one of the most socialist countries in the world. Even privately owned companies are dominated by people involved in one of the four major political camps (Socialists, Christian Conservatives, German Nationalists and "Greens"). Taxation is very high. The Austrian educational system is very authoritarian and intolerant. Only people who shut up, do as the teacher says and memorize everything word by word have a chance to graduate.

Implementing Libertarianism in Austria seems to be like an extremely challenging task - although the people in this country would profit very much if they were finally able to lead their lives according to their own beliefs and desires, and get the position in society they deserve because of their unique personality and intellectual abilities.

Many young people are fed up with the current government (a coalition of Socialists and Christian Conservatives), and therefore they vote for the German Nationalists, as these people are considered to be the antithesis to the current government - while in reality they are not. Many high-rank state officials belong to the German Nationalist camp. The German Nationalists are just a part of the establishment. And they are anything but libertarian.

It is time for a real change. With a well-designed campaign, a new, libertarian party would be able to make a real difference. The new party would face a lot of opposition from almost every established politician in this country. But the time is ripe. And there are many supporters, including wealthy people and experienced politicians who have become disillusioned with the authoritarian atmosphere in their former camps.

It's mostly a question of marketing whether the new party will have success.


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