Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Demosceners Are Not Philosophers

Actually my visit of Function 2012 has diminished my motivation to do something for the demoscene, and that even though the party was like what I had expected it to be. Well, perhaps it is because the party was like what I had expected it to be. Usually people do at parties what they like to do most. In this case one could observe that almost every visitor was spending the time behind his/her screen, working on productions, unless a compo was going on, in which case they watched the compo. Demosceners seem to be so preoccupied with their releases that I have the impression they are not really pensive folks. They may be intelligent, but they are not philosophers.

Having made this observation, I understand better why many of them react in such a strange way when you try to start a "serious" discussion at a demoscene forum. These people do not analyze the world, they create. The reaons and consequences of their being do not matter to them. It would not even make sense to post these two paragraphs to a demoscene forum and have them discussed. You would not get reasonable responses.

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