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Mega Force - my new game project

Right now I am fulfilling a dream of mine which I've had for a long time: to create my own tactical role-playing game in the style of Shining Force. The game will be called "Mega Force" (working title), and I've already created everything from the title screen until the end of the first battle. This is the rather simple title screen. It is unlikely that I will come up with anything better with my limited graphics design skills. The story is told by means of cut scenes similar to the original Shining Force games, but I just display a portrait of the character (not included here since I still have to ask for permission whether I might use those photos in a public version of my game) and the text. The actual battle works just like in the "Shining Force 2 Remake" I programmed five years ago. Since the base code was already done, I only had to design the map and the characters. The first battle in fact is more difficult than the usual battle in Shining Forc