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Computers and the Demoscene

My interest in computers stems from my childhood fascination for computer games. I read computer gaming magazines and invented games of my own, drawing sketches using pen and paper. That was what ultimately made me start learning to program. The demoscene is something I got into more or less by accident. I was making a diskmag about general topics and we had a reader who insisted that the demoscene was the real thing, nobody had better computer skills than demosceners. Soon after that the main editor of the other German language diskmag that was released in those days, Cream, expressed his fascination with the demoscene and announced that he was going to remodel his diskmag as a demoscene magazine. As a coincidence this was the time when I got Internet access and I used the Net primarily for chatting on IRC, where I was mostly using channels related to the demoscene. There I met the scener Salami who believed in Hugi's potential and suggested that I should make Hugi a demoscene-r