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The Power of Bit Shifts

I have noticed that you can gain huge speed optimization by doing calculations involving powers of two in a clever way. Originally I had several passages like this in my code: for (int j = 0; j < n; j++) i |= Math.Pow(2, j); When I replaced the generic Math.Pow call with a call to a new method, I already gained a lot of speed. private static ulong Math_Pow2(int j) { return (ulong)1 << j; } But that was not all I was able to do. I gained yet more speed by doing the loop this way: for (int j = n, ulong Math_Pow2_j = 1; j > 0; j--, Math_Pow2_j <<= 1) i |= Math_Pow2_j; From originally 5 minutes, I managed to improve the run-time of a calculation to less than 30 seconds. Bit shifts can help getting your code a lot faster.