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Big Pharma in Crisis

The last 30 years have brought new technologies to biomedical research, such as the computer simulation of biological systems and machine learning. Despite that, the pharmaceutical industry is in a crisis; only rarely are new "blockbuster" drugs being discovered. This makes me seriously wonder whether the new technologies are overhyped, and it also makes me pose myself the question whether it is a good idea to keep focused on computational systems biology or whether I should invest my sparetime in some other pursuit. I currently maintain the Web Portal on Computational Biology and I have read quite a lot of papers on the subject already, yet perhaps the whole field is not that promising at all.

ASP.NET MVC with EF Core 6

When I tried to set up a new ASP.NET MVC project with Entity Framework Core 6, I ran into some problems until I got the database to work. When I finally had success, I decided that I would share my code. "Api_Entities" is the name of the class that defines the database context. "User" is the name of a table in the database.     public partial class Api_Entities : DbContext     {         public string sqlConnectionString = <your connection string>;         public Api_Entities(DbContextOptions<Api_Entities> options) : base(options)         { }         protected override void OnConfiguring(DbContextOptionsBuilder optionsBuilder)         {             if (optionsBuilder.IsConfigured)             {                 optionsBuilder.UseSqlServer(sqlConnectionString, builder => builder.EnableRetryOnFailure());             }         } In Startup.cs:         // This method gets called by the runtime. Use this method to add services to the container.         publi

Why I don't want to have children

The human species is consuming resources and producing waste. Ultimately, this will cause a crash. The time until this crash is a function of the number of human beings that have lived. I do not want to accelerate the crash, therefore I will not procreate.