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Club Biotech

Club Biotech is probably going to be disbanded by the end of this year, since all active members have graduated from university and nobody has reacted on an email in which we asked for new people to join us. In this way, another era ends. I am the veteran member of the club, I joined it in 2002, about a year after it was founded. Nobody else who is still an active member of the club has been it for such a long time. My first Club Biotech event was the first "Stammtisch" ever held. Both founders, Andreas Bergthaler and Andreas Pichlmaier, were there, and I talked to both of them, but I was still very shy in those days. I told them I was interested in research, but I was only at the beginning of my studies and so it would still be a long way to go. Yet I had already learned how to handle the pipette and found out that I was pretty good at it. Andreas Pichlmair smiled and commented that lab technicians are the ones who handle the pipette, while scientists do more intellectua