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Why I make Hugi

I guess some people have asked themselves why I'm making Hugi, and I think that it would be a good idea to clear this question. So, why am I making it? 1. Because it's useful. Making Hugi gives me the feeling of doing something that makes sense. The diskmag informs and entertains its readers. While I have the feeling that I'm wasting time when pursuing other leisure activities such as playing games, I don't have that feeling when working on Hugi. 2. Because it's creative. Selecting graphics, music and articles for the magazine, arranging them, tweaking the settings (colours etc.) - that's a creative process which satisfies a natural desire of mine. 3. Originally I also made Hugi to gain some respect in the PC scene community, but as a matter of fact, you don't get much. By making a diskmag, you mostly get respect from other diskmag editors - but these days, I'm almost the only diskmag editor still active. What I certainly don't make Hugi for