Freitag, 27. August 2004

I've taken another personality test, this time at (a page in German language). Again, I got the result I had predicted myself: I'm supposed to be a man of the "scientist" type - introverted, theoretical thinker, decisions based on logics, and planned life style. This type belongs to the group of rationalists. Attributes that are supposed to apply to me are: independent, self-confident, analytical, logical, structured, persistent, self-improving, witty, decisive, reserved.

An attempt at translating the further description:
Scientists have a mental model of what things ought to be like and always try to improve themselves, other people and everything around them. They are inventors of ideas and are convinced of their visions and ideas despite the public opinion or the skepticism of others. Scientists have a strong desire for autonomy and are very independent. They do things like they believe it to be right.
Scientists make up only about 2% to 3% of the population and thus belong to the two rarest types. The majority of these people is male.
Preferred Professions for Scientists: lawyer, architect, computer expert, researcher, engineer, teacher, manager, medical doctor, professor, programmer, judge, business consultant, scientist, and so on.
Best Partners: Thinkers, Scientists.
Well, it's nice to get such results that give you the feeling that you have got a good knowledge of your own character and preferences. As a matter of fact I was not totally sure whether to select 'extroverted' or 'introverted' at the first question; if I am at all, I'm actually only slightly introverted... at least that's what I thought. On the other hand, thinking a bit more about it, I am alone most of the time and am happy with that. Moreover, I hate being disturbed when I'm thinking about something.

I've written above that "scientist" is supposed to belong to the group of rationalists. Rationalists are people who think theoretically and make their decisions based on logics rather than emotion. Here's an attempt at translating the description of this group of people:
Rationalists are always searching for new knowledge. Some of their basic needs are trying out new things, learning and improving their own skills. 'Knowledge is power' is their motto. For rationalists, knowledge and skills are very important. They value sharp intellectual powers both if they are their own and if they are other people's, and they feel obliged to keep extending and improving their knowledge all the time. Solving problems and taking challenges is very stimulating for them. They are often very witty and good at developing new theories and concepts. They strive for an understanding and explanation of the world outside.
Rationalists understand and create complex information, think strategically, anticipate future trends and focus on long-term aims. They like doing things in a new way: developing, designing and constructing models, theories and systems.
They have little interest in every-day details and routine tasks; they would rather leave these over to other people.
Rationalists love stories in which the hero or the heroes face difficult challenges and tasks in order to overcome them at the end.
It is certainly not a coincidence that a lot of rationalists are great fans of science-fiction and especially Star Trek. It's because these movies, series and books deal with exactly the central topics of the rationalists: the search for knowledge, the secrets of the universe as well as pioneering new technological developments and theories.
With about 10% to 15%, the rationalists are the rarest group of population.
The positive attributes of rationalists: They are innovative, eager for knowledge, analytical, independent, clever and skilled.
The negative attributes of rationalists: They may be arrogant, cynical, critical, reserved and self-righteous.
It seems to be a good test! I'd be very interested in your test results - please send them to me via email!

By the way: Hugi Size Coding Competition 23 started a couple of days ago.

Samstag, 21. August 2004

Well, due to a chain of bad coincidences I missed my plane to Zurich and so had to stay home. Gotta go to Bratislava tomorrow to catch Tomcat and give him the money he had paid for me for flight reservation.

Now at least this has enabled me to visit this year's AniNite, which took place in the WUK, Währinger Street, 1090 Vienna. It is a cool event indeed. I had the opportunity to watch some decent animes and play Go and video games with some girlies. While the demo scene is 99% male, the visitors at this event were about 70% female. If this applies for the rest of the Anime/Manga/Otaku scene as well, then maybe that will be reason enough to get more involved with it. ;-) Many of them are artistically gifted; unlike many pixel artists from the demo scene, many of them don't copy motifs but draw straight from their own imagination. Perhaps it would be cool to have some of their art featured in Hugi Magazine.

Greetings fly to RONIN, Richard Pyrker, Gerhard, Kenka, Simon and Xelloss!