Sonntag, 30. November 2008

New version of Adoktris

I've created a new version of my Tetris clone "Adoktris". It now uses OpenGL instead of XNA Game Studio. So it's easier and faster to install (no additional libraries required), and it's also smaller (9 kbyte).

Samstag, 29. November 2008

Sudoku Puzzle Solver now Interactive!

The first fruit of my OpenGL learning: I've made an Interactive Sudoku Puzzle Solver. Based on my algorithms I wrote in 2005, it now displays the solution of the puzzle step by step and you can control it interactively.

Sonntag, 23. November 2008


I have asked myself why I'm writing short stories. For the feedback? I get almost none. For fun? Perhaps. It's not much work to write down a short story; what matters most is that you have good ideas. Writing novels is much more work and I mean work - you have to write about many details to make the novel long etc. Short stories are done quickly and you're satisfied with them if they are based on good ideas.

Mittwoch, 12. November 2008


I'm now learning OpenGL with this book:

Started today, currently already at page 80. I had some trouble (but only very little trouble) finding a location where to download GLUT - it wasn't included in Visual Studio 2005. Now everything is working.

Maybe I'll eventually be able to understand demos better.

Montag, 10. November 2008

Obama and Slavery

It's actually funny that the first Black President of the USA is a member of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party, founded by Andrew Jackson in 1828, was the party of the South and pro-slavery. The Republican Party, by contrast, was the party that acted against and finally abolished slavery. Why is Obama not a Republican?

Samstag, 8. November 2008

Creative Basic

Updated my Creative Basic tutorial (only German version for now). The first chapter should be a more gentle introduction to programming now. I want to make the tutorial suitable for elementary school kids. Maybe I'll change the tutorial so that I'll cover actual Windows progamming (not CLI programming) right in the first chapters as this is visually more appealing.

Mittwoch, 5. November 2008

Neoliberalismus und soziale Marktwirtschaft

In einer Tageszeitung stand heute, Obama werde vom Neoliberalismus abkehren und den Weg der sozialen Marktwirtschaft einschlagen. Eine tolle Stilblüte, denn Neoliberalismus und soziale Marktwirtschaft bedeuten dasselbe. Wahrscheinlich war statt Neoliberalismus die freie Martkwirtschaft gemeint.