Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

My diary 1994 - 1999

I read my diary which I kept from 1994 to 1999. A spoilt child mostly interested in playing and programming videogames having no problems at school is the impression you get first. But then comes August 1995 when I got my first issue of PC-Heimwerker by which I obtained contact with other computer freaks, which resulted in me making more effort to learn "professional" programming (C, Assembler, interrupts, etc.). The early development of Hugi, from a minor side-project to a widespread international magazine, is also covered. The style of the diary slightly matures over the time, though it remains more colloquial than how I used to write in my diskmag. But in general I do not seem to have been somebody to really look for intellectual challenges. I was happy experiencing my duties as not too difficult and being able to do things I like doing. I think gifted children should be given assignments that make them explore their own limits. My father gave me calculus tasks when I was at elementary school age. That was the only thing that went into this direction. Interestingly I was spending time doing the same kind of tasks when I was 11 years old as well, according to my diary. There was too little imagination what else I could be studying in addition to the not very challenging tasks at school. I recall I bought Knuth's "Art of Computer Programming" (all three volumes released so far) some months before my high school graduation exams in 2001. I did start reading it, which is documented by the notes and remarks I wrote inside the book, but I didn't get far, as other things apparently had higher priority. I think that instead of doing routine tasks such as editing and formatting articles, young people should spend more time learning.

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010


I thought I should write something in my LiveJournal again. So where should I start? Life is great, I'm attending 9 courses every week (making up 21 hours of lectures per week in total) and I like the courses I chose very much, there's much about algorithms and mathematics, which are the most interesting things about computer science, IMHO. My girlfriend has finished her diploma thesis and will be a MSc soon, I proofread the thesis for / together with her. My game project has been advancing, a nice fellow named Balazs has composed music and sound effects for it. So I will probably go to Karlsruhe / Germany in December in order to present the game at the tUM 2010 demoparty. I finished 5 out of 8 tasks for the analysis of algorithms exercise next week already today, only a day after getting the assignments, and feel happy that the more CS-related tasks are no problem for me. (The course is originally for mathematics students - I'm only one of two CS students attending it - and as such mostly features rather hard math tasks, at least more difficult than the math courses for CS students I had to take in my undergraduate studies.) I wished I no longer had to study medicine, for it doesn't interest me, but if I stopped now (after 9 years of studying and having completed everything but three exams) I could have a problem with potential employers (it wouldn't look good in the CV). At the Mensa Spieleabend on Monday there was a German named Jörg who said he was visiting a friend from India here in Vienna, a medical graduate who would be starting to work in Kaiserslautern soon. On the next day I got a mail from my friend Prakash in which he stated that he got an assistant doctor's position at Kaiserslautern - how small is the world! Let's see what tomorrow will bring.

Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

IQ tests

I did some IQ tests again. Here are the results:

  • 136
  • 142
  • 126
  • (Mathematical and Logical IQ Test): 127

The average score of these is 134, which is what I got on another test several years ago.

I wished I had already completed my medical degree by now so that I could fully focus on my (far more interesting) computer science studies...