Es werden Posts vom Oktober, 2006 angezeigt.

Ideas for a Strategy Role-Playing Game

I've added some of my ideas (there are many more lying around on my harddisk) concerning a strategy role-playing game of the kind of Shining Force to my homepage. If I'm really bored, I'll perhaps try to implement the game, but currently this isn't the case.

BTW, I've already coded a 64b intro for our competition myself. Due to optimization, it's only 59 bytes in fact. I guess the winner of the compo will be somebody who has the idea to try to implement an interesting algorithm in just 64 bytes and succeeds at this enterprise.

64b Hugi Xmas Compo

The 64b intro competition has now been launched, the deadline is December 24th, 2006. Let's see how much sucess it will be!

Hugi @ Wikipedia

The Wikipedia page about Hugi is getting better, but there's still a lot that hasn't been mentioned yet. Anybody please feel free to make (serious, constructive) suggestions.

Diskmag-related article at

I've found an article on diskmags at in which Hugi is mentioned (including two screenshots from Hugi). The article is from the year 2002. Apparently it was written on the occasion of some demoscene exhibition in Germany. Judging from the contents of this article and similar articles, it seems like they've done their job well (i.e. they've read my writings about the scene before writing their own articles; some of the main points have reminded me of the opinions I used to present). So, good thing. I've put the article onto my homepage: