Freitag, 31. März 2006

Some weeks ago I discovered the portal site, a website run by Prof. Ronald Hitzler of University of Dortmund, and had the idea that an article about the demoscene might fit in there. Well, I contacted the staff, they seemed to like the idea, and it seems that in some days to weeks a demoscene category will be added to the site. As this website is visited by social scientists, maybe this will also spawn more sociological research on the demoscene.

Don Knuth

I've got e-mail from Donald Knuth's secretary: She would like to have my postal address as Professor Knuth would like to send a letter to me. I recall having contacted him via email some months ago as I had found two things which might be errors in his books which hadn't been reported yet... Donald Knuth is a professor of computer science at Stanford University well-known for his series "The Art of Computer Programming".

Freitag, 17. März 2006

Interesting news items at
Medikamententest: Zwei Männer in Lebensgefahr
Nach einem Medikamententest in einem britischen Krankenhaus liegen sechs Männer auf einer Intensivstation. Zwei der Versuchsopfer ringen mit dem Tod.
Nothing special. This may happen from time to time. You have to be aware that taking part in the testing of new drugs is dangerous for your health. Pharmaceutical companies that act as sloppily as the one described in this story are nuts. Sloppiness is the most dangerous thing for your own health.
Forscher halten H5N1-Sequenzdaten zurück
Mit den modernen genetischen Verfahren können relativ einfach ganze Stammbäume von Krankheitserregern erstellt werden. Das eignet sich zur Aufklärung der Übertragungs- und Wanderwege von Seuchen. Doch bei der H5N1-Vogelgrippe 'sitzen' offenbar viele Labors auf ihren Sequenzierdaten, um später wissenschaftlichen Ruhm zu ernten.
I guess scientists don't want to disclose genetic sequences also for the reason that they are interested in developing (and selling) drugs to combat the diseases. If they published their data, other companies would have the same opportunity. It's all too comprehensible.

Well, these two news entries have made me write a kind of weblog again. I think it's a good thing to log and comment on what has caught your attention, otherwise reading news would be a plain loss of time (you forget the details anyway sooner or later).