Dienstag, 12. April 2005

On my way to university, I wondered whether I had eaten breakfast today. On the one hand, I was unable to remember having done so. On the other, my gut did not feel hungry, and my teeth did not taste of tooth-paste, so there was no clear evidence that I had eaten nothing, either. Maybe I do not have a random-access memory of events that can easily tell me whether a certain event took place or did not. But I have a memory of causalities. A constant element of my daily routine is getting up from bed, so this is a root from which you can travel to the event you are looking for. I thought of today's getting-up and remembered that I had got up at about 7:50 am, which is pretty late. I remember I realized after watching the clock that I had to make it to the train at 8:30 am in order to get to university in time. When I left my room, I found some prints of my inbox in front of the door which included a question in a computer science forum. I decided that I wanted to answer this question as soon as possible, so I went to my computer after brushing teeth and getting dressed. I finished the reply at the time when I usually have to leave in order to pick up the train at "half past". So I definitely had no time for breakfast.

I found this interesting: Usually you aren't that aware of the way your memory works. Now, in this case, I clearly saw: I used a constant "root", links to subsequent events and logics in order to recall the fact that I hadn't had breakfast today.

By the way, the question to which I replied was about linked lists......

Montag, 4. April 2005

The new April issue of "Spektrum der Wissenschaft" (German edition of "Scientific American") which I got today contains an interesting article: It is about a new calendar. The US physicist Richard C. Henry from Johns Hopkins University (Maryland) has proposed a calendar which has the great advantage that it remains the same every year. (E.g. January 1st is always a Sunday.) This is possible by reducing the number of days from 365 by one to 364. In order to compensate this, a new "minimal month" with a duration of one single week will be between June and July once every 5 to 6 years. For more information: http://www.ct-calendar.org/de/index.php

Freitag, 1. April 2005

I've worked on Hugi #31 all day long. There are already several interesting articles... all of them written by me. All of them scene-related. The important thoughts concerning Hugi have also been included. I've chosen a design for the issue, too - it's a good one, I think; I tried to choose the best pictures and music I could find. Due to Breakpoint 2005, I'm still sleeping irregularly: I tried to go to bed as early as 10:00 pm, but didn't manage to find sleep until about 1:00 am, and woke up at about 11:30 am. Apart from doing Hugi stuff, I've spent the past days since Breakpoint with the tasks for next week's algorithm and data structures exercise meeting; 9 out of 10 done so far. The tenth certainly won't be a problem either, but I always have to read theory in the books before tackling each task since not all of the theory has been covered in the lectures yet. Now I've received email from the data modelling tutor that the first tasks for this exercise are now also available, so there is an additional mission for me to be accomplished. Somehow I feel a bit stressed, maybe because I worked so much on Hugi, still have some tasks to solve for my computer science studies, there are such a lot of new contents on the Internet (email, liberalismus.at, forums, etc.), some dramatic things are happening in the world (orf.at), this homepage needs an update (another three months are over!), and my sleep has been so irregular. Not to forget I would also like to continue studying pathology... The amount of text I've written yesterday night and today is about 20 kbytes; including all the stuff I've formatted in the past two or three days it's 96 kbytes I've worked on (including just two texts I'm not the author of). Back in the days I'd have been proud of my performance and relaxed, but now I realize this is just part of a hobby of mine, while the work I really profit from would be the work related to my studies. BTW, my Breakpoint 2005 party report is 13 kbytes and features 6 photos. I've taken about 150 photos in total. The quality of most of them is higher than the stuff you can find at slengpung.com.