Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2008

Hugi #35 Headlines Intro released

Nah-Kolor and Hugi have released a demo together. It was one of five demos that competed at MAIN 2008 in the PC demo competition. Its name is "Hugi#35 Headlines - Disruption in Chaos Theory". You can download and comment on it at Enjoy watching!

Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2008

Alternative service

The second day of my alternative (civil) service has passed. I enjoy it very much so far. I'm with the Red Cross and I will be used for the ambulance service. In the first two months, I'm getting a professional training as a first aid worker. We have got a textbook of a few hundred pages to study. The first exam will be in a week, the second and final exam in the beginning of December. I know many things from my medical studies already, but we also learn a lot of new things about the technology used in first aid. How to assemble these gears and so on. Cool! We are 92 servants in Vienna in total, split into three groups for the training. The teachers are mostly employees of the Red Cross. One of them is studying mathematics. The training site is close to the restaurant that hosts the gaming evenings of Mensa Vienna. In lunch break, I went to this restaurant and ate a pizza. I'm by far the oldest in my group, most of the others were born around 1988-1990. They are doing their service right after high school.