Sonntag, 19. September 2010

A relaxed day

Now I've spent a holiday like most people would spend it: doing nothing serious, neither learning nor working ony my projects. I went for a walk together with my girlfriend, played comptuer games, watched TV and surfed the Internet. That was an unusual day for me, and I think that if I had to lead my life like that for a longer time, I'd be quite bored. I still wonder how a visitor of my homepage came to the idea that my life till my 18th birthday had been "boring" - how boring can a life be when there's seldomly a day on which I have to answer fewer than 50 emails (not spam!) and am occupied with all the work needed to release a new Hugi issue every 1-4 months? The same goes for this person who stated that I was "not creative" and, later, that I "had not done much so far". Either they have very high standards, or (more likely) they read my homepage very sloppily. In the case of the latter person, I never noticed anything creative about him, and neither that he did anything of significance apart from his professional job.