Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

My studies

Analysis of algorithms is certainly the most difficult course I'm currently taking. It's actually for math students specializing in "applications of mathematics in the computer sciences". It seems like I'm the only computer science student left in this course. For my curriculum it's an elective subject. I need not take it, but it sounded - and is - interesting. There is a lecture and an exercise part. Last week's exercises included several differential equations. That's a field of analysis I haven't studied, although I contemplated taking it as my special subject in my final exams at high school (eventually I chose Taylor series instead). So solving the tasks was hard. This week's exercises feature no differential equations, but they seem to be tough as well. I probably won't continue attending the lecture on general theory of science. The lecturer is talking a lot about things only loosely related to the subject and the density of valuable information is very low in each lecture. As I can't use the lecture for my curriculum anyway, I can drop it. Initially I also planned to do the course "Algorithms on Graphs", but I haven't done so because it overlaps with Analysis of Algorithms. Maybe I'll attend it some term later.