Samstag, 11. August 2012

Reading habits

During my university studies I read a lot of books not related to the fields of my studies. Now at the end of my studies, I hardly read any books any more. It seems like I have satisfied my thirst for knowledge and there is hardly any reading material that awakens my interest, especially not among newly released books. Moreover, there is plenty of information on the Internet.

New game

I have created another new game, a kind of mix of Tetris and Vier gewinnt. I signed up for Function 2012, I plan to take part in the game development competition, maybe even with two games. This is the third game I created during these summer holidays: the second was my entry to the Turing Award 2012. I guess I will put these games onto my homepage only after the competitions.

Samstag, 4. August 2012

Current Status

So two weeks ago, I spent Thursday and Friday creating GPgl, which has turn out to bring nice results. On the subsequent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I created Ballonschlacht, playing which I enjoy very much myself. On the Thursday and Friday after that, I redesigned the Hugi website. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I worked on my diploma thesis. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I programmed a game for the Turing Machine Award 2012 ( Now I am learning CPLEX in order to enhance my program for the diploma thesis with the capability of solving the problem exactly.