Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2018

Christopher Langan

I have read a couple of online debates about Christopher Langan and the CTMU at Quora, MarkCC's weblog and other places, and all in all I think people treat Christopher Langan in a very unfair manner. First, they ridicule him for boasting with his IQ, then they mock at his theory and dismiss it as nonsense without even thoroughly analyzing it, and the conclusion is, basically, that Christopher Langan is a worthless individual who has not done anything reasonable in his life. This is highly unfair and speaks of a bad character. As Christopher Langan has not earned any academic credentials, he must point out features of his that make him credible. So that's why he insists so much in having a high IQ. But not only does Christopher Langan have a very high IQ, he has also earned a perfect SAT score. In a perfect world, a person with a perfect SAT score would not be neglected by his academic teachers, but supported and it would be seen to it that he would make a great career in academia. The way Christopher Langan was treated by his academic teachers (I read about it in Malcolm Gladwell's book) is a real shame. It is perfectly understandable why Christopher Langan loathes academia and the academic establishment. In a perfect world, Christopher Langan would be the Supreme Professor who teaches and evaluates the others.

What Christopher Langan probably has not realized yet is that although I have a couple of academic degrees, I am in a similar situation as he is and can fully sympathize with him! I have always earned excellent grades throughout my school career, from grade 1 until grade 12, and I have graduated from high school with a straight-A record. Was anybody at uni interested in this? No, the only effect this had was that fellow students were jealous of me, and professors were stricter when examining me than when examining other students. In the end I passed all the exams and was allowed to graduate, but nobody was interested in getting me as a scientific collaborator and enabling me to make a career at university myself. Academia as I perceive it is a closed community of closed minds who want to stay away from the real world and live in their own detached fantasy realms. That's why despite having academic credentials I sympathize with people like Christopher Langan more than with fellow academics.

Sonntag, 1. Juli 2018

Artificial generation of stress

The reaction of the human organism to stressors is a temporary increase in performance with simultaneous impairment of the immune system. This increases susceptibility to infectious diseases, cancer and mental illness.

Performance is work per time, and in the economy, employees are expected to perform to the maximum. Since employees in stressful situations perform better than usual due to what has been said, some management work is done to create artificial stress. However, this is detrimental to the health of workers. Many diseases - such as those already mentioned - would be avoidable if workers were not exposed to stress.

In my view, therefore, the question arises as to whether the artificial generation of stress should not be made punishable.

Translated with

Künstliches Erzeugen von Stress

Die Reaktion des menschlichen Organismus auf Stressoren ist eine temporäre Leistungssteigerung bei gleichzeitiger Beeinträchtigung des Immunsystems. Dadurch erhöht sich die Anfälligkeit für Infektionskrankheiten, Krebs und psychische Erkrankungen.

Leistung ist Arbeit pro Zeit, und in der Wirtschaft wird von Arbeitnehmern erwartet, dass sie maximale Leistung erbringen. Da Arbeitnehmer in Stress-Situationen aufgrund des Gesagten mehr Leistung erbringen als sonst, wird teilweise im Management damit gearbeitet, künstlich Stress zu erzeugen. Dadurch schadet man aber der Gesundheit der Arbeitnehmer. Viele Erkrankungen - wie die bereits genannten - wären vermeidbar, wenn Arbeitnehmer keinem Stress ausgesetzt wären.

Somit stellt sich aus meiner Sicht die Frage, ob man nicht das künstliche Erzeugen von Stress unter Strafe stellen sollte.